2016 Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research

There are five submission format choices for 2016.

A “Paper” session is a grouping of several independent 15-minute (minimum) oral presentations on a general theme, given in front of an audience. The conference Program Committee will group accepted papers together based on similarity of topics.

A “Poster” session is a grouping of several individual poster presentations (each tacked onto a 3’ X 4’ cardboard poster board supplied by SCCR at the conference). Other attendees will browse through the posters at a session and may talk with the presenter one-on-one. No electric power will be available for posters.

A “Symposium” will consist of 3-4 (maximum = 4) oral 15-minute (minimum) presentations, and an integrative commentary by 1 discussant (maximum), given in front of an audience on a theme chosen by the symposium’s organizer.

A “Panel Discussion” is the same overall length as a symposium, but the oral presentations will be shorter, leaving much of the session time for a wide-ranging discussion within the panel and with the audience.

A “Conversation Hour” will consist of 1-2 speakers on one general topic, who will give brief oral presentations about their shared topic and engage in an in-depth and informal dialogue with the audience.

Papers & Posters

  • Papers (oral presentations) and posters may be submitted by ANY attendee.

Abstract submission deadline: November 1, 2015
Notification by December 1, 2015
Abstract submissions can be made on the registration meeting site

Potential attendees may submit abstracts and proposals for consideration without registering. But in order to be included in the final program, please register once your submission is accepted. Only registered and paid attendees may present papers or posters at the conference. You may register on-line (and pay registration fees on-line) by clicking on “Registration” in the main menu.

Symposia, Panel Discussions, & Conversation Hours

Submit your abstract for the conference:
  • You can submit your abstract on the registration page. You do not need to pay for registration when you submit your abstract. Notification of abstract review results will begin November 1st.
  • The confirmation of acceptance of the abstract does not prove registration. You will receive an email invoice confirming payment which proves registration. Session participants will only be included in the program when payment is confirmed.
  • Note: This site is designed to allow one abstract submission per person. If you are submitting more than one abstract, or are proposing a session with multiple participants (symposium or conversation hour), please submit directly to wsuv.sccr2016@wsu.edu. Each participant in a session must submit their own abstract, along with the session title, to ensure that they are scheduled together.
Organizers of symposia:
  • If you are submitting a pre-organized symposium or conversation hour, please submit your abstract to wsuv.sccr2016@wsu.edu
  • Submit the pre-organized symposium abstract for review only. Panelists’ abstracts in your symposium will NOT be reviewed.
  • Please have your panelists submit individual abstracts on the registration site (http://anthro-meeting.vancouver.wsu.edu) when they register. They must include the title of your symposium.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage single paper submissions to facilitate the construction of multidisciplinary panels. Proposals for multidisciplinary panels are also welcome. Graduate and undergraduate students are especially encouraged to contribute papers or posters on their current research. There will be select prizes awarded for submissions from graduate students, undergraduate students, and early-career professionals (within 7 years of earning their PhD).

Abstracts of no more than 300 words for single paper submissions and posters and, and multidisciplinary panel summaries of no more than 500 words, can be submitted via the conference website, sccr.vancouver.wsu.edu. Please note that each presenter within a multidisciplinary panel must submit an abstract of no more than 300 words. Please note presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes in length.

Instructions for Session Organizers, Chairs, and Presenters

Presentations are 15 minutes long. It is the responsibility of the Session Organizers and Chairs to keep presenters on schedule. Session Organizers are responsible for providing laptops with standard computer-digital projector connector ports (connecting cords are provided with projectors) or have adapters allowing that connection (Macintosh for instance). They should also arrange with presenters to load all presentations prior to the session, and coordinate presentations overall. Presenters are urged to meet with the Organizer-Chair in the symposium room 15-20 minutes before sessions begin to load programs on the laptop. This will keep the sessions on schedule and provide a very smooth, professional atmosphere as the session progresses.

A/V Equipment

SCCR will provide LCD projectors and screens for each meeting room. SCCR does NOT provide laptops, VGA adapters, or external speakers. SCCR will provide microphones and speakers only if a meeting room is large enough to necessitate. Most meeting rooms do not require this equipment.
Video presenters must bring their own DVD capable laptop. SCCR will provide a projector and screen.

If anyone in your session is using PowerPoint, at least one participant will need to bring a laptop. It is important to condense all the PowerPoint presentations onto one CD or memory stick. This will save time changing disks between papers. *** Apple Mac users will need to bring their own VGA adaptors. There is no standard VGA adaptor for Mac laptops. VGA adaptors vary depending on the year and model of your Mac laptop. Therefore, you must purchase a Mac VGA adaptor for your particular model and bring it with you to Portland. Some newer Windows-based laptops also have non-standard ports for LCD projectors and may require a VGA adaptor.***

Abstract Review Criteria


Your abstract must be within 300 words. Do not write your name or any other identifying personal information on the abstract page. Use the cover page to provide authors' names, affiliations, and contact information.

Two to three reviewers will complete the blind review based on the following criteria:

Clear articulation of the title and objectives/focus of the study

Rationale for your study and existing research in the area

Brief description of your research methodology

Data analysis technique and major findings

3 to 4 key words

Clarity in your presentation


Are you looking for panelists to organize a symposium? Are you looking for an organizer to work your paper into a symposium? Send a 20-30 statement via email with your name and affiliation to: wsuv.sccr2016@wsu.edu.